We Go on Vacation

Summer '01




Not as witty as my son, so I'll minimize the smart alec stuff.  In August 2001 we, four of us, embarked on a multisport trip, in the Washington State San Juan Islands. The trip was arranged and conducted by Backroads.  The advertised sports were: biking, hiking & kayaking.  Not advertised were tent setting up and tearing down, and rain/bad weather .  When it wasn't pouring, and I remembered snaps were attempted.  The interesting ones are shown here and on following pages.  Selected on the basis of content, not photographic merit. It was, as you can see, a very kid intensive affair.


We had a great time, rain and all. Justin's nick name - coined by the Backroads staff - is "Asphalt Surfer", Elle's "Queen Bee". You may get a hint from the pictures about the derivation of Elle's name. Nothing visual on Justin. I was too busy pulling him out of the undergrowth he slid into to think about pictures. Use your imagination - it was spectacular.


Rain made for some interesting activities, and attitudes. I've got a couple of the picture is worth ...Emotions can change quickly.


The last day was beautiful. Children behaved themselves, Adults had a chance to do their various things. A good way to end the trip. Take a look.


The trip organizer has a more polished site. Copywriting better too. Not surprising. Look here for the more polished trip description.


Before embarking on the bike trip, we stopped for an afternoon & overnight with Leslie's cousins -- Nita & Robert Sell. How can I resist showing a couple of the photos? Neat house, and fun hospitality.


everything about the trip involved water.

Lots of ferries over water, as you can see below. We took two, and a private charter. Water in the form of rain also; this not captured in these photos.